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Church Santa-Sofia

church saint sophia beneventoThe church Santa Sofia is a Lombard construction of about 760, today restored. It is one of the most important examples of the European architecture of the high Middle Ages.

The plan is for the age a bit original : it consists in a hexagon, and on to each apex, columns taken on the Iside' temple.
The inner hexagon is encircled of a decagon ring with eight limestone stone pillars. Next to the church, a monastery of the XIIth century, was in part constructed with fragments of previous constructions.
The inside of the church was covered of frescoes of Byzantine artists ; some fragments of these varnishes represent the history of Christ are still visible.

Santa-Sofia was completely destroyed in the earthquake of 1688, it was reconstituted with baroque shapes by Orsini cardinal of Benevento (became Pope Benedetto XIII).

The original shapes were hidden, and only refounded after a contested restoration in 1951. The former monastery is the centre of the museum of the Sannio (with the castle Rocca of the chancellors), it introduces many archaeological rests (among its, elements of the ancient temple of Iside, as one of the two obelisks).

benevento -santa sofiabenevento -santa sofiabenevento -santa sofiabenevento -santa sofiaSanta Sofia square

benevento - chiesa santa sofiabenevento - chiesa santa sofiaSanta Sofia church



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